Brand Story

Esteem Royale Cosmetics is Nigeria's first independent skin care brand that focuses on combating dry, discoloured, dull skin.

Our multiple award-winning skin care products offer the value of premium and pharma-grade skincare products, using higher concentration of premium active ingredients such as ceramides, peptides, fatty acids, retinols and antioxidants, than any other over-the-counter skin care brands. Our products are developed to penetrate deeper levels of skin, fosters faster cell turnover and help people achieve radiant, glossy and youthful looking skin.

Meet our Founders
We battled with dry, dull skin all our lives and couldn't find high quality products that combine our skin type...

On a girl’s trip, we spent an evening discussing the linkage between skin concerns and self-esteem and that conversation sparked an idea that became the brand we are building today. We created Esteem Royale Cosmetics because we believe every person’s beauty desire is important and individualistic. We want to feed this interesting individuality, empowering people to look, feel and be their best so they can achieve amazing things. We never underestimate anyone’s desire to feel beautiful and no one deserves to be an afterthought. We want our customers from light to dark skin tones, to feel confident using our products. So, we have created skincare collections that target specific skin concerns like dryness, discoloration, and dullness.

Founders, Odion Ejere & Idowu Ejere

"Esteem’ is evocative of veneration, awe and adulation.

Esteem Royale stands for the innate desire to be beautiful and confident in oneself. It is all about your state of mind, knowing what you want, going for it and being confident in your choices. That's why our research and innovation focus on a single objective: to elevate our customer's self-esteem. The message we are sending is that “you deserve to be royally adulated and you are worthy”. At Esteem Royale Cosmetics we wish to transform the way you think and feel about yourself by creating skin care potions that promote your beauty and confidence. When you are confident, you can achieve anything! Esteem Royale is dedicated to all who desire beauty. We welcome you to our store. Find products that match your skin concern and begin building your skin regimen today!

Olohi Ejere

Co-Founder/Brand Impact Manager

Dr. Ayede Ologun


Dr. Omon Imohi

Skin health is our priority: We want to reset your skin to it's healthiest state.

At Esteem Royale Cosmetics, we believe in using ingredients that directly benefit the skin irrespective of their natural, organic, or synthetic origins. We use ingredients that are proven to be non-toxic, effective, and healthy. Our love for sweet smelling fragrances and rich cream textures is evident in all our products. We want to improve whatever it is you have felt you needed to hide so your skin to function as it should.

Our formulas deliver the transformative results you expect.

We carefully select our ingredients based on their bio-compatibility and efficacy in improving skin barrier function, repairing acid mantle, and maintaining correct pH levels. Our products contain premium, traditional and new-generation active ingredients that offer extraordinary effectiveness, dermatological-quality, master formulas and differentiating textures that provide a unique sensory experience with visible results.