Clarifying Papaya Soap

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We present to you our best selling triple action soap, packed with vitamin C and papaya extracts to cleanse, clarify and lighten your skin through intense exfoliation and essential infusion. Ideal for dry, thirsty, acne-prone skin, our Clarifying Papaya Soap will help clear those discolorations and reduce breakouts. As a protein-dissolving enzyme, the papain content effectively removes damaged keratin, the main protein on the skin, to reduce roughness reveal a radiant and more supple complexion. Ideal for all skin types.

How to use:

Lather on sponge/washcloth or directly to wet skin washing thoroughly to remove grease and dirt. Rinse off with clean water. Use twice daily. Remember to wash your hands as often as possible during the day.

Active Ingredients

Papaya extract, sweet almond oil, virgin organic coconut oil, olive oil, shea butter, vitamin C and honey.

Warning: You should conduct a skin patch test before adding to you beauty routine and discontinue if you notice any discomfort. Simply use product on arm or leg and watch for 24 hours to ensure no adverse reactions.

Important Notice: All content of Esteem Royale Cosmetics (ERC) Site are recommendations to guide your buying decision. The information here is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease and should not take the place of medical advice. Please seek advice from a qualified health care professional if you have skin conditions or diseases that require medical attention.

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At Esteem Royale Cosmetics, we believe in using ingredients that directly benefit the skin irrespective of their natural, organic, or synthetic origins. We carefully select our ingredients based on their bio-compatibility and efficacy in improving skin barrier function, repairing acid mantle, and maintaining correct pH levels. We use ingredients that are proven to be non-toxic, effective, and healthy and penetrate deeper levels of skin, fosters faster cell turnover and help people achieve radiant, glossy and youthful looking skin. Our multiple award-winning skin care products offer the value of premium and pharma-grade skincare products, using higher concentration of premium active ingredients such as ceramides, peptides, fatty acids, retinols and antioxidants, than any other over-the-counter skin care brands.

At Esteem Royale Cosmetics we wish to transform the way you think and feel about yourself by creating skin care potions that promote your beauty and confidence. We want to improve whatever it is you have felt you needed to hide so your skin to function as it should. When you are confident, you can achieve anything!

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  1. Esi

    If you are into bar soaps, this is the best soap. ever!

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