The beginning of a dream


On a girl’s trip, we spent an evening discussing the linkage between skin concerns and self-esteem and that conversation sparked an idea that became the brand we are building today. We created Esteem Royale Cosmetics because we believe every person’s beauty desire is important and individualistic. We want to feed this interesting individuality, empowering people to look, feel and be their best so they can achieve amazing things. We never underestimate anyone’s desire to feel beautiful and no one deserves to be an afterthought. We want our customers from light to dark skin tones, to feel confident using our products. So, we have created a premium skin care brand for skin clarity and skin radiance with products that combat specific issues like acne spots, hyperpigementation, dull and discoloured skin.

Previously known simply as 'Esteem', Esteem Royale Cosmetics was formally established in 2018 with our Goat Milk Soap winning 'Best New Bath and Shower Product' at the 2019 Pure Beauty Global Awards.

Beauty geeks & dorks


At the heart of Esteem Royale Cosmetics is a passion for creativity and innovative entrepreneurship. From our product development team to our operations, sales and marketing teams, Esteem Royale Cosmetics is a vast network of talents with exclusive partnerships with GMP and ISO certified factories and laboratories — all of which aid in our inexorable mission to broaden our innovation horizons. By utilizing the latest technologies, understanding what customers want, and staying ahead of the trends, we create multiple engines of innovation to fuel our brands from product development to packaging, sampling to selling, marketing to merchandising.

Fanatical about you


We are a customer centric business. We are fanatical about our customers and efficient customer service is central to the success of our business. We focus on creating a positive customer experience throughout the sale and after sale process to ensure differentiation of our products and services in the marketplace. Our customers are at the center of our research, product development, advertising, and product delivery. We pride ourselves in anticipating what customers want, vigilantly pursuing the development of new concepts and the creation of formulas to delight consumers, we never underestimate anyone’s desire to look and feel beautiful.

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