What's Your Skin Type?

There is so much buzz about skin type but surprisingly, many people still don't know their skin type. We often get customers telling us they have 'normal' skin then proceed to share skin care concerns that are clearly associated with a particular skin type. That is why sometimes people experience adverse reactions to skin care products. One reason people may not know their skin type is because skin type can change as one grows older or as a person experiences change in skin conditions. This could be the reason why you may suddenly react to a skincare product or ingredient you have been using for years, or why you may no longer be getting results from skincare products that once balanced your skin. 

Some factors that determine skin type include: 

Skin moisture level: how much water is in your skin, which affects its texture and elasticity

Sebum Production:  how oily is your skin, which affects its softness

Most of people enjoy normal skin throughout their growing years only find that as adults they now have oily, dry or combination skin due to hormonal imbalances, weather, heat, stress, comedogenic skincare products or lifestyle choices like smoking, too much coffee or alcohol intake and diet. 

The most essential part of building your skincare routine is knowing your skin type. Knowing your skin type is key to selecting the right skincare products, regimen and diet. 

Skin type Chart

There are four distinct skin types:

Esteem Royale Skin type chart
Oily Skin: this skin type is characterized by over production of sebum causing shiny, greasy thick complexion with enlarged pores. It is prone to blackheads, pimples and other blemishes and can worsen due to puberty, hormonal imbalances, or too much humidity. It is recommended to use a gentle cleanser and use noncomedogenic skin care products that would not clog pores. It is important to moisturize to prevent a trigger for more sebum production.
Esteem Royale Lemon Lightening soap for oily skin
Clarifying Lemon Soap for Oily Skin
Normal Skin: This skin type is neither too oily nor too dry and is regarded as balanced with few imperfections or sensitivities. It is characterized by barely visible pores, radiant complexion that does not easily breakout in acne. People with normal skin can use almost any skincare products as most products are made for this skin type.
Esteem Royale Clarifying Beauty Cream for Normal to Combination skin
Clarifying Beauty Cream for Normal to Combination Skin
Dry Skin: is the most common skin type characterized by almost invisible pores, dull, rough complexion, red patches, scales, less elasticity and more visible lines. Dry skin cracks and peel easily and can become itchy when irritated or inflamed especially on the arms and legs. Dry skin may be worsened by aging, hormonal changes, UV rays, tanning, extreme cold or heat, hot baths/showers, and harsh ingredients in cosmetic products. The best way to manage dry skin and avoid triggers is to use noncomedogenic products that are made specifically for dry skin.
Esteem Royale Skin illume lightening face potion for dry skin
Skin illume Lightening Face Potion for Dry Skin
Combination Skin: is usually dry in some areas and oily in some areas such as the t.zone (forehead, nose and chin). Combination skin can be prone to clogged pores, blackheads, enlarged pores in some areas and tight pores in other areas. Caring for combination skin requires different skincare products for dry areas and for oily areas. For example, it is not advisable to use an oily skin treatment like AHA all over the face. Rather apply to affected oily areas only. 
Goat Milk Soap in Toasted Coffee Blend for Combination Skin
Goat Milk Soap in Toasted Coffee Blend for Combination Skin

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